About Rare Red Ginger (Zingiber Officinale var.Rubra) Javanese

Red ginger (Zingiber Officinale var.Rubra) is a rare variance of the Zingiber Offcinale species cultivated in Javanese Indonesia. Besides having gingerol and shogalos, it is loaded with anthocyanin and tanin in its root bark. Red ginger is reddish-violet in colour,for traditionally it is used in spices,syrup,and as remedy for rheumatism,osteoporosis,asthma and cough. Red ginger extract is an all natural analgesic and anti inflammatory agen suitable for the application of anti arthritic preparations.

As an ingredient of traditional medicine, red ginger  was chosen because it provides a sense of bitter and spicy ginger is higher than other types of property that would add even more than other types of ginger. That's why it is especially suitable to be used as the basis of pharmaceutical and medicinal.

Red ginger rhizome size is small compared to most other types of ginger, red, and contain essential oils that consist of high-zingeberin, kamfena, lemonin, zingiberen, zingiberal, gingeral, and shogool. Other contents are resin oil, starch, organic acids, malic acid, aksolat acid, and gingerin.

Red Ginger is known as a potent laxative, antirheumatic, laxative and colds. Efficacy is generally warm our body, appetite enhancer, as well as preventing and treating colds. Because of this influence people quickly feel fit and heightened sexual arousal immediately.

In addition, it is also useful to overcome laryngitis (bronchitis), back pain, impotence, improve stamina, relieve asthma, treat headaches, muscle pain, premature ejaculation, and the tonsils.

Red Ginger is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is said that it was Yang Medicine and it’s very supportive for the spleen, abdominal / stomach and kidneys (especially for men and also classified as an aphrodisiac / stimulant substance and a good treatment for impotence).

In Arab medicine, red ginger is known as Hot in the second degree and Moist in the first degree. It warms and soften stomach, it is also useful for the body to digestive problems like bloating, food poisoning, and constipation.

Red Ginger plays an important role in Western medicine as Eastern medicine (China, Japan and India) It can be used alone or as an ingredient in herbal recipe and also used as a "healing correction" to the unwanted effects of other plants. It has been proved in recent research that  red ginger has unique content that can help other medicine become a better treatment received and absorbed by the body.